Network Installations

Every change you make to a network has implications for its performance, and the operational demands faced by businesses these days mean that networks are changing constantly. Only the largest organisations can afford to have the necessary expertise and resources in-house; for most businesses, a professional specialist partner is the most cost-effective way to ensure their infrastructures are performing consistently and effectively.

Speed and reliability are the core requirements for network performance. These days, the new dimension of mobility has added fresh demands, with more and more people working remotely or needing secure access to the business network from home. Offshore Systems can build an advanced infrastructure for your business, giving fast access to the Internet for everyone who needs it, intelligent and secure remote access via VPN for mobile workers, and security built-in to the fabric of the network to protect your essential business data, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Network Support

Partnership means building networks with a view to the long-term needs of our customers, and providing the support and maintenance required for the life of the infrastructure.

Offshore Systems service and support is proactive and reactive. We will keep your network up to date with the latest operating system and security patches and fixes, and we will be there to troubleshoot the problems that inevitably affect a hard working network from time to time.

When we take on an existing installation, we begin by applying professional network testing and management tools to bring it to Offshore Systems performance standards. We can then provide a three-tier service, ranging from telephone helpdesk support, through to remote access and on-site visits.

Network Security

Security is a compromise, online and in the real world. The critical balance is the compromise between the amount you spend on security systems, and the true nature of the risk to your network and your business.

Offshore Systems will help you design and implement a security policy that protects your key business assets, without committing you to unnecessary expenditure. In particular, we will ensure that the security systems you put in place will lock out threats without significantly compromising the performance of the network.

You will need the essentials of anti-virus and Firewall protection, but you will also need to consider an anti-spam strategy and web content filtering. One of the most significant threats facing organisations these days is the legal action that can arise through the deliberate or accidental downloading of offensive or illegal content.

With Offshore Systems, you have the peace of mind that comes from a well-maintained and professional network security deployment, keeping your business fully operational and protecting your network and your data from the random and malicious threats that stalk the Internet.

Firewalls and Internet Security

If you are connected to the Internet, you need a Firewall. A Firewall provides the essential access control required to protect your organisation against random and deliberate attempts to penetrate your network.

Offshore Systems's security professionals will equip your business with a software Firewall or a dedicated appliance, depending on the needs of your organisation. We will configure it to provide robust security against network threats, while giving authorised members of your team free and easy access to the resources and services they need. We will also manage and maintain your Firewall deployment, making sure that it evolves with the needs of the business and continues to provide the appropriate levels of protection and control.

Disaster Recover

Corporate governance regulations are pushing disaster recovery to the top of the agenda even for small and medium-sized businesses. Even if you feel the risk is low, it makes sense to have the necessary contingencies in place, both for compliance purposes and for the sake of the business. The true cost of a major infrastructure failure could be as high as the loss of the business itself.

Offshore Systems will help you develop a disaster recovery plan that demonstrates your corporate responsibility, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the worst need not be a total disaster. Our disaster recovery services can be matched against your budget and your business needs, from full-scale server hosting to remote management of your in-house systems. We will carry out regular back-up and restoration of all your critical data and resources, dialling in remotely to keep your business on track with minimal disruption.

Desktop Installations, Migration and Support

Running even the most basic PC has never been that simple, and working with today's sophisticated machines can be daunting for many users. At best, keeping everything up to date and getting full productive value from your investment in desktops can require some time-consuming management.

We can handle all aspects of your desktop and laptop requirements, from competitively priced supply of new machines, through to the maintenance and management of your PC estate throughout its working life. As always, the operational needs of your organisation will dictate our approach and we will recommend and provide the right system, with the right configuration, to do the job that you want done. When the time comes to migrate to a new operating system, or replace ageing machines, we have the technology and the expertise to ensure a smooth transition, protecting the integrity of your applications and files, and leaving you with systems that are ready to work the way you want them to.


A Firewall is your first line of defence, but you need anti-virus systems as well to protect against viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware circulating the Internet. Offshore Systems uses industry-standard Sophos Endpoint Security to provide strong protection against threats entering your network from the web, via email or even from USB drives or floppy disks. We will also remove the burden of maintenance and management from you, keeping all your installations up to date through our remote management service. You can also come to us for help with an infection; we will clean out your systems, restore them to as near perfect as possible, and put the protection in place that will help to prevent a similar problem in the future.

Email and Domain Name Management

With hundreds or even thousands of emails flowing in and out of your organisation every day, you need effective protection against the threats that are associated with so open and rapid a form of communication. As well as virus-carrying attachments, there is the perpetual inconvenience of spam, and the danger that offensive or illegal material may come into your network. Offshore Systems uses enterprise class email security and filtering technologies to protect your organisation from email-based threats and control abuse of your system, either from outside or within your network.

We can also organise Internet domain names on your behalf. If you want the professional touch of an email address and web address that features the name of your business, then we can register the names you require and make sure they point to the right places. Note, however, that we do not offer our own web hosting service.

Strategic Consultancy

Nearly every business relies on its IT infrastructure, which means that IT strategy is indelibly linked with business strategy. Offshore Systems's IT professionals never work in isolation; we will always discuss the needs of your organisation with you before we recommend or implement any new IT deployment, or changes to your existing infrastructure. This is the essence of partnership; we seek to understand you and your organisation, so that the solutions we provide work hard and effectively for you.

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